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M8 x 80mm Throughbolt Zinc Plated & Yellow Passivated

M8 x 80mm Throughbolt Zinc Plated & Yellow Passivated
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Product Code: FXTB08080
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Thread Diameter (mm) 8

Anchor Length (mm) 80

Hole Diameter (mm) 8

Maximum Fixture Thickness (mm) 35

Fixture Clearance Hole (mm) 9

Thread Length (mm) 50

Embedment Depth (mm) 35

Minimum Hole Depth (mm) 40

Structure Thickness (mm) 100

Installation Torque (Nm) 10

Installation Instructions

1. Position fixture and drill correct diameter hole to correct depth 

2. Clean hole by brushing and blowing to remove all dust and drilling debris.

3. Insert assembled anchor through fixture into concrete.

4. Tighten with torque wrench to recommended torque.

Non-Cracked concrete

Performance Data (20/25 Concrete)

Thread Diameter (mm) 8

Characteristic Resistance (kN) Tensile 7.4

Characteristic Resistance (kN) Shear 9.2

Design Resistance (kN) Tensile 4.1

Design Resistance (kN) Shear 4.9

Recommended Resistance (kN) Tensile 2.9

Recommended Resistance (kN) Shear 3.5

Design Spacing (mm) Tensile & Shear 85

Design Edge Distance (mm) Tensile 45

Design Edge Resistance (mm) Shear 85

Shear Loads towards a free edge are for single anchors where Spacing > 3 x Edge Distance

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