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JCP Instant Grab Adhesive

JCP Instant Grab Adhesive
Price: £2.58
12 or more £2.26
36 or more £1.94
Product Code: FXJFGRAB
Availability: In Stock
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An environmentally friendly, advanced technology formula offering instant grab and tough permanent
bond on virtually any porous or non-porous surfaces.

Not recommended for external, damp or fully
immersed locations.

Instant Grab is a low odour, 99% VOC free, water
clean-up construction adhesive. Contains no harmful
raw materials, making it safer for the environment,
safer for the user and safer for substrates.

Instant Grab is ideal for adhering panelling,
plasterboard, cove base, window sills, Styrofoam,
carpet tack strips, aluminium furring strips, tub
surrounds, fireplaces, loose floor/wall tiles, plywood,
aluminium, steel, wood, fixing hardboard and plywood
and as a general adhesive.
It is ideal for use on:
? plastic
? wood
? concrete
? brick
? plasterboard
? carpet
? metal

Ensure all surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and
free from grease or any contaminates that may hinder

Cut tip off cartridge. Cut nozzle to required bead at
45° angle. Place cartridge in a standard cartridge gun
and apply as required. Once applied, surfaces should
be firmly pressed together to aid bonding. If heavy
panels are being bonded, temporary mechanical
support may be necessary for 24 hours.

This adhesive should not be applied to building
materials that bleed oils, plasticisers or solvents.
Do not use when both surfaces are non-porous.
Do not use as a mirror adhesive.

Storage Conditions
Store in cool, dry conditions.

Shelf Life
Use within 12 months from date of manufacture. Store
in unopened cartridges.

Flammability: Non flammable
Application Temperature: 5°C to 30°C
Service Temperature: -10°C to +40°C
Consistency: Thick paste - gun grade
Slump (ISO7390) None

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