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Gripple Plus (Medium) 2.0 - 3.0mm

Gripple Plus (Medium) 2.0 - 3.0mm
Price: £1.70
Brand: CCM
Product Code: CWGA3
Availability: In Stock
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Ergonomic design delivering optimal load performance.

Able to withstand extreme weather conditions, temperatures, humidity, dynamics and impact.

The clever combination of zinc, ceramics and stainless steel produce a mechanism which absorbs the load and resists the effects of the environment.

The patented ceramic locking mechanism delivers better grip, is stronger, takes higher strain and provides superior corrosion resistance for strong performance year after year.

Easy wire entry and smoother push-fit action.

The Gripples rock hard, ceramic mechanism locks onto the wire resulting in a bond that will last season after season and will deal with the extremely hard high-tensile wires we use today.

You can use the built in positional release key to undo a Gripple which may have traveled too far along a strand of wire.

Gripple tensioners provide a quick way to join and tension wire fencing up to five times quicker than traditional methods.

They can be used on plain, barbed or electric wire and on all types of stock fence.

Can be re-tensioned as often as you like and are fully adjustable.

The maximum load you can apply to these gripples is 400kg which can be achieved with minimal effort by using the gripple contractor tool or standard gripple tool.

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