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CED SF32 32A Switch Fuse TPN Grey Steel Enclosure

CED SF32 32A Switch Fuse TPN Grey Steel Enclosure
Price: £70.00
Brand: CED
Product Code: CED SF32
Availability: Out Of Stock
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Features & Benefits

Supplied with installation instructions and suitable for use with 250v.

Fuses fully isolated (top & bottom) for safe replacement.

Highest available components to current specifications and supplied with switch fuses.

Complies to low voltage directive 73/23/EEC and takes BS88 Part 2 - Fuses.

Rust protected epoxy grey powder paint finish with adequate knockouts on each side and lockable handle.

Ceramic Terminal Fuse Base with 415v - 50Hz Triple Pole and Neutral (4 Poles)

Safety Information

IMPORTANT - Before undertaking any work on or maintenance of fitting:-

Switch off power supply and allow sufficient time to cool before handling.

Do not dispose of decomissioned fitting in household waste.

Dispose of fitting in the appropriate section of your local civic amenity site or recycling centre only.

Technical Specifications

General Information

Product Colour/Finish Dark Metallic Grey

Dimensions (mm) 267mm x 159mm x 141mm

Ingress Protection (IP) IP41


Load (Amp) 32Amp

Rated voltage/amps (vA) 440vA

Terminal Capacity (mm²) 10mm² Copper cable

Input Voltage (V) 440V

Output Voltage (V) 415v - 50Hz

Knock Outs (mm) 2x20 1x25

Cable 1.5mm

Poles TPN

Approvals CE


Body Steel Enclosure

Weight n/a

Warranty (Years) 1Yr


Applications Suitable for domestic, commercial and Industrial applications

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