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Aico EI208WRF RadioLINK+ Battery CO Alarm

Aico EI208WRF RadioLINK+ Battery CO Alarm
Price: £50.87
Ex Tax: £42.39
Brand: Aico
Product Code: AICOEI208WRF
Availability: In Stock
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The Ei208WRF Carbon Monoxide Alarm is powered by 10 year life sealed in Lithium cell. This means you won’t need to replace the battery at any point in the life of the alarm and also that the battery can not be removed ensuring continued protection.

As with all Aico Carbon Monoxide alarms – the Ei208 has AudioLINK Data Extraction Technology built in. Simply download the free AudioLINK App to your compatible tablet or smartphone to download a simple and easy to read report. This report contains data such as alarm activations, carbon monoxide levels reached, background levels of Carbon Monoxide and battery life.

This alarm is also enabled with RadioLINK+ technology meaning that you can link all the alarms together via Radio Frequency. Once you have installed the alarm, you will need to interconnect or ‘House Code’ the alarm into the system.

Supply Voltage: Powered-for-life sealed lithium battery.
Alarm Horn: Piezoelectric. 85dB (A) at 3m. Modulated sounds gives 3 rapid pulses followed by a ½ second pause.
Temperature: -10°C  to 40°C. Storage – 0 to 35°C (in a dry area).
Relative Humidity: 15% to 95% non condensing.
Sensor: Proven Electrochemical, 100% calibrated and tested with CO gas to ensure accuracy. CO level is checked every 4 seconds.
Indicator lights:
Power up & test – Green.
Alarm – Red.
Fault – Amber.
Test/Diagnostic – Red, Amber & Green.
Wireless Connectivity: 868.499MHz Security Band (dedicated) House Coding ensures no interference.
Mounting: Mounting plate supplied – twist to power up alarm.
Fixing: Screw Fixing (supplied) and free standing.
Dimensions: 120mm x 105mm x 45mm.
Weight: 180g.
Guarantee: 5 year (limited) Guarantee.
Approvals: BS EN 50291-1:2010+A2:2012 / BS EN 50291-2:2010 / KM 86596



House Coding RadioLINK+ / RadioLINK Products
How to set up a RadioLINK+ / RadioLINK interconnected system (House Coding)
RadioLINK+ and RadioLINK use Radio Frequency signals for wireless interconnection making installation quicker and easier. Once you have installed all your RadioLINK products you will need to set them up in a system to recognise each other and then close this system off to avoid the alarms being triggered by neighbouring systems – we call this House Coding.

House Coding Ei168RC RadioLINK Bases or Ei100MRF RadioLINK+ Modules
Step 1 – Ensure all your alarms have been installed and tested and you have inserted your Ei100MRF modules into your 160e Series and Ei2110e alarms
Step 2 – Push a screwdriver into the House Code slot on the side of the alarm or RadioLINK base
Step 3 – Hold it in until the blue LED comes on solidly, then release
Step 4 – Remove the screwdriver and the blue LED will flash once every 5 seconds (approx.) to indicate that it is in House Code mode and is looking for other alarms
Step 5 – Repeat the House Code process in Steps 1-4 above with all the bases or alarms in your system
Step 6 – All the bases in the system will start to flash blue. Check that the number of flashes is the same as the number of alarms in the system, e.g. if there are 3 alarms, the blue LED will flash 3 times every 5 seconds on every alarm
Step 7 – Once the correct amount of flashes is present on every unit, insert a screwdriver into the House Code slot on the side of one of the alarms or bases until the blue LED comes on solidly, then release
Step 8 – The blue LEDs on all units will now stop flashing and the entire system will automatically ‘seal’
Step 9 – The alarm system has now been House Coded. Press and hold the test button on each alarm in turn and check that all alarms in the system sound

House Coding Image

Although we recommend the above procedure for House Coding and sealing a RadioLINK system, it is worth noting that the system will manually seal itself after 30 minutes once put into House Code mode.

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