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3 Ply Disposable Face Masks Packs of 50

3 Ply Disposable Face Masks Packs of 50
Price: £20.00
Product Code: PPE 3PFMST
Availability: In Stock
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Product Specification: 175mm x 95mm (Ear Hanging Style)

Product Components: Melt blown filter material, non-woven fabrics, nose clip and ear straps

Product Instruction:

It is recommended to check the packaging before use, and follow the steps below to use this product:

1. Hold the mask with your fingertips on the nose clip and slowly open the mask.

2. Place the nose clip on top of the mask, attach the mask to your face and press the nose clip to ensure the masks tightness.

3. Hang the ear straps on both ears and adjust the length of the ear straps to make it more comfortable to wear.

4. Check: cover the mask and breathe quickly, if you feel the air leaking from your nose, please pinch the nose clip; if you feel the air leaking from the edges, please readjust the ear straps so that the mask can fit tightly with your face.

Storing Conditions:

1. Do not exceed 80% relative humidity

2. Non-corrosive air and well ventilated

3. Avoid from high temperature

4. Destroy after use

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